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Buttered tea

Buttered teaIsBrick teaThe water used boils, joins the butter (YakButter) Puts to a tall and slender wooden barrel in, makes an effort the whipping with a stirring rod, causes it to become the emulsion. Another way is puts the butter and the tea to a leather bag in, grips the tight bag mouth, makes an effort with the wooden bat to strike. Therefore the disposition buttered tea calls "to hit" the buttered tea. Is the hostess entertains the work which a visitor's item takes the trouble extremely, now also may use the electrically operated mixer to dispose.

Because the brick tea contains the tannic acid many, stimulates the stomach to wriggle speeds up the digestion, Shan Heji is easy to be hungry, must add the butter orMilk Mongolia person drinks the tea with milk generally, Tibet yak milk production quantity is not big, entertains the visitor generally with the buttered tea.


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